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"Green Channel Institute of Training,
Testing and Skill Development "

The main aim of our institution Green Channel Institute of Training and Development, as the name implies is to train and develop human resources and when we think of this institution, we think of trainee and learning those who are in it now as well as, those who will pass through its portal over generations to come, and our support unsurprisingly is developing the skills of human capital thereby raising standard of their competencies in short, we increase their productivity, we give them necessary thoughts and deeds, and enhance their talents, all in all we train the trainee for them to be better performers of training who are now or will best future.

To be a centre of excellence in building competencies in order to countenance potential changes in people and organization.

To create acquire and transfer knowledge and modifying the behaviour of human resources by training and development in order to reflect new knowledge and insights.

Green Channel believes in the value that learning grooming facilitating developing and training adds towards building a progressive team, the need for individuals to evolve in core competencies as well as advantageous skills set are more pronounced in today’s fast changing corporate landscape, Thus the development of an organization’s Human Capital makes them better armed to take on challenges as individuals and therefore as organized team.

Our Passion

Green channel passion to match the right people to the right job has helped us to amass over a decade of successful stories in the human resource business.

Each client and candidate are like an extended family member to us. And like family, we understand and anticipate your needs, matching the right candidates to the right clients.

Our professionalism, coupled with a strong personal touch enhances the probability of success at every step. Our goal is to create a long-lasting client-candidate relationship, which will translate into long-term winning strategies and exponential growth for both parties.

But we know that finding a candidate with the right skill set is not the be all and end all. At green channel, we understand that overall chemistry between the candidate and the existing management is paramount in ensuring a good match.

Consultants are empowered with the final authority and flexibility to deal with each client’s requirements. In our commitment to finding the best match, we customize our approach, systems and processes not only from client to client but also from assignment, all the while keeping underlying principles common.

To ensure success, we believe in hiring people with the right values and specialized experience.

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We look forward to have you as a part of the green channel family.

Managing director

MJF Lion V.Sahadevan

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