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"Green Channel Institute of Training, Testing and Skill Development "

The main aim of our institution Green Channel Institute of Training and Development, as the name implies is to train and develop human resources and when we think of this institution, we think of trainee and learning those who are in it now as well as, those who will pass through its portal over generations to come, and our support unsurprisingly is developing the skills of human capital thereby raising standard of their competencies in short, we increase their productivity, we give them necessary thoughts and deeds, and enhance their talents, all in all we train the trainee for them to be better performers of training who are now or will best future.

What We Do

In the field of human resource development (HRD) we strive to create leading edge best practices so that organizations may exceed their expectations to satisfy the long felt, fundamental yet unfulfilled needs.






Our Bilief

Our Services

Green channel's most prioritized service is to assign the right people to the right job which paved way to our successful records in the human resource business for more than a decade.

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Our Facilities

  • Interview Rooms - 7 Nos
  • Conference Room 7 Seater
  • One video Conference and Skype Interview Room Soundproof System
  • Two Class Room Both are 60 Seaters
  • Candidates waiting area two numbers capacity of 100+.
  • Welding testing area with TIG & ARC and 3G/4G capacity of 20 no's with testing equipment.
  • Piping testing area with Gas cutting & Fit up table capacity of 15 no's with testing equipment.
  • Steel Fitting testing area with Gas cutting & Fit up table capacity of 15 no's with testing equipment.
  • Electrical trade testing area capacity of 16 no's with testing equipment.
  • Mechanical Fitters testing area capacity of 15 no's with testing equipment.

Thoughts Of Our Satisfied Client About Us

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